100 Steps

One hundred steps is not very far, I found out. It sounds like a long way at first, but for me, it made want to take another 100 and another 100 to keep discovering what might be around the corner. This week’s Illuminate assignment was to take 100 steps and then to compose an image right from that very spot. I started from my front door. With the boys on their scooters and me counting my steps. Every 100 I would stop and look for beauty.

DSC02947_2 DSC02950_2 DSC02954_2 DSC02961_2 DSC02970_2

This looking for beauty right where you find yourself? It causes me to dig deeper for the gratitude. As we walked through our neighborhood I found unbidden thoughts of missing pushing a stroller, the first season since moving into this home that I will not be doing so. Instead, I carry my camera, a way to see differently…to see that I have been given life this day. It is a gift from God, the air I breath, the bright sun that finally has come to warm up our frozen ground. And at the end of our walk I found this little statue of a girl with butterfly wings sitting in a front yard and I am reminded of the beauty of my daughter’s life and the love that has filled my heart in a deeper way than ever before. I am thankful to the Lord for the gift of life, her life and the lives of my boys and for all those I love, but most of all for the gift of eternal life Jesus has given me. This is what I am grateful for. This is what I celebrate, even through tears of this missing her.


About geomom

I'm a wife, mom, and girl trying to follow Jesus. Been married for 8 years and have three children, two boys living with me and one baby girl living with Jesus. I'm living this one life one day at a time through the pain and tears and joy and laughter, held in the love of God.
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7 Responses to 100 Steps

  1. randa74 says:

    I really like your second picture with the blurred background.

  2. Beryl Young says:

    I love the perspective of the photo with the scooters. Life keeps whizzing by, even in the midst of our grief. We must still embrace it!

  3. I like the idea you mention about digging deeper for gratitude. It’s so true! I love the last photo of the little statue.

  4. angela2828 says:

    What a special photo to capture (the little statue) at the end of your walk – I also love the blueness of the sky in the first photo. Your comment about ‘love that has filled my heart in a deeper way than ever before’ resonated with me – caring for and losing my daughter brought out such an intensity of pure love, and I guess that intensity of love is reflected in grief.

  5. skhewitt says:

    What a gift to find the angel at the end of your walk. I love that the sun is shining on her face and imagine it warming her.

  6. I love that you included your boys in your 10 steps and in the photos. Even through our sorrow, we all have something to be grateful for. Sometimes it is very hard to see, but each day is a blessing. I love how you started with a picture of Heaven and your journey ended with a beautiful angel.

  7. I really liked this entire post, Your pictures and words were all beautiful.

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