To my Jedidiah…Now You Are Three


Dear Jedidiah,
Today you are three years old. How thankful I am that you “popped” into our lives on July 4th, 2009. Your happy, easy-going personality has been such a joy to watch, especially this past year as you have begun to show us more and more who God has made you to be. You love your family, your brother, your Dad and me. And you love your little sister. You are such a loving big brother and watching you grow into that role over the past ten months makes my heart ache with joy, and sadness too. You prayed so faithfully for Baby Nomi, as you call her, all through the time she was here with us. And you loved going to visit her too. She loved you and knew she had an amazing big brother in you.

This year I have watched you grow from a little baby, nursing to sleep every night, into an energetic little boy ready to explore the world. You love to run and play ball of any sort, but most especially baseball. You love the Brewers, just like Daddy and Gabe. Your fascination with Elmo has continued this year, but I see it starting to fade. Lightening McQueen and all things Cars related are still big favorites. This year you’ve learned to ride your trike, hit a baseball, recognize your name, count to ten or thirteen, talk and share what you see and think, and pray wonderful prayers of thanksgiving. One of my favorite moments each day, though, are those minutes early in the morning when you come walking sleepily into Momma and Daddy’s room having just woken up, and climb into bed. We lay there and cuddle and very often you turn and look at me and say “I wuv u Mommy” and I say “I love you too Jed”.

Thank you, my sweet baby boy, for being who you are. I am so very grateful that God has given me the privilege of being your momma. I can’t wait to see all you learn and do and how you grow this year. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!



About geomom

I'm a wife, mom, and girl trying to follow Jesus. Been married for 8 years and have three children, two boys living with me and one baby girl living with Jesus. I'm living this one life one day at a time through the pain and tears and joy and laughter, held in the love of God.
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